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Eyelash & Permanent Make-up

Lash Extensions

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Full Set (90 Min)- R900.00 

Fill - R400.00

Introducing Lash & Co. Extensions.

It is a revolutionary new product that will add length and thickness to your natural lashes. These extensions are not your traditional fake lash strips nor are they eyelash clusters or flares. They are semi-permanent, individual, synthetic lashes that are designed to replicate a natural eyelash, tapered with J-curl technology.  They are applied to your own individual lashes with a natural look and feel.
When applied correctly, is light-weight, look and feel like your own eyelashes, shaped and polished like a natural lash.

They come in different lengths and thicknesses and I work according to my clients needs. A natural eyelash cycle varies between 60 – 90 days and it is advised not to attach lashes to small growing lashes so we don’t interfere with natural hair growth.

The main ingredient in both our adhesives is something used for suture-less wound closure. It’s a perfect blend of safety, longevity, flexibility and strength.
Aftercare: No oily products to close to lashes and best to keep it dry for a day or two after application. After that swimming is allowed.

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Makeup artist - Lyn Reece

I have been working closely with the best makeup artist’s in Gauteng since 2008 making woman and brides looking their best. It truly frames the eyes and the face, enhancing ones beautiful features.

Permanent Makeup

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Who benefits from Semi-Permanent Makeup?

EVERYONE, from young to eldery, who desires a soft, natural enhancement to their appearance, as they give the face expression!!

15 Years experience. These services are practiced using the most advanced international techniques, while adhering to stick hygiene and sanitation methods. We aim to satisfy the needs of the client by providing accurate consultation and great service.


  • Frame the eyes.
  • Give a thicker lash appearance.
  • Replacement for makeup to people with allergies and skin sensitivities.
  • Save’s time in the morning doing your makeup (drawing eyebrows, eyeliner)
  • Looking at your best while, swimming, hiking, biking, tennis, aerobicks and diving
  • Vision impaired people wont have a problem applying their cosmetics anymore!!
  • No more uneven eyebrows!


Proper consultation before application to discuss clients needs, colour and shape.
Treatment time, without concultation, an hour.


  • Eyebrows  R1500.00
  • Top and Bottom Eyeliner R1400.00
  • Top or Bottom Eyeliner R950.00
  • Touch up R380.00
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