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  • Organic Facials
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  • Permanent Maku-Up
  • Lash & Co Extensions


I have been in the beauty industry for the last 18 years and find to specialize in an area in the beauty world makes more sense as clients will trust you more and will know that the treatment they are coming for will be of high standard. That is why I give people an opportunity to train with me in only the treatments that they would like to specialize in. It gives you an opportunity to work and earn good money in a short period of time without doing years of training and spend heaps of money before you can start earning. Not even talking about the amount of money you need to spend to set up a full equipped salon.

I have done my B.T. ITEC-UK AND B.T. CITY & GUILDS-UK in 1998 and also have done my TREACHERS TRAIN THE TRAINER SAAHSP qualification in 1999. After that I worked on a six star large cruise ship for 3 years working with the best products and people in all the contestants of the world. After my travels I worked for Surgentronik where I have build a sound knowledge in the Anti Ageing and Wellness industry. I did train therapist local and internationally, teaching them all about skin care treatments with the CMS Physio Micro current system.

I am the owner of El Shaddai Wellness and still do in house training at salons in Gauteng. Getting trained therapists up to standards for 100% client satisfaction.

I offer the following training courses:

Eyelash Extension

lashes1 lashes2a

Lash & Co.

This training will consists of  full 5 days.
First day:   Theory, lunch and demonstration.
Second day: Practical, lunch more practical
Third day: Practical , lunch and more practical
Forth day: Theory exam and practical exam on a model.
Student must practice for 8 weeks before they come in for another set of lashes that needs to be done on a model.
Certificate will be handed to the student if his or her work is of high standard.
Eyelash extensions is all about technique and quality of product. We do have to remember that your client is paying for quality and that is why I find it so important to work with the right product and train my students well.
Eyelash Extension Course R8000.00 Incl Kit.
Eyelash Extension Course incl. Lash and Brow Tinting R9000.00

Eyelash training is a good way to start your career in beauty by earning good money from the word go.

Your Eyelash kit and training will cost R8000.00 and you will have sufficient amount of product in your kit to practice on 15 clients, do your exam and also to do your first 10 real clients charging R800.00 per full set. That means that you will get your R8000.00 back.
By doing your lash course first you will give yourself the opportunity to make good money fast.  If you do eyelash extensions full time you can easily do 5 full set of lashes a day charging R800.00 per client. If you work 5 days of the week your earning potential will be R80 000.00 It will cost you R200 per person so your profit will be R60 000. That is without your clients coming in for their 2 to 3 week fill. Fills should not take you longer than 30min and at the end a full set should not take you longer as 1hour. In the beginning you should give yourself at least 90min per client.




The student will know the dermatology and anatomy of the skin and hair. The student will understand the different stages of hair growth. The student will understand all the different depilation techniques and will know when to choose what type of wax. The students will have a sound knowledge of different skin diseases and disorders as well as hygiene and sterilization.  The student will learn about different kinds of wax and the difference between hot and cold wax. The student will know how to perform a back and chest wax, leg and arm wax, facial waxing, underarm and bikini wax. Client handling and before and aftercare is also very important.

This will be three day training but many practical days will be organize afterwards.   Practice makes perfect. An extra R1500.00 will be charge to learn how to perform a full bikini wax.

R10 000.00 with waxing kit.

Skin Care


The student will be able to carry out a full facial in logical sequence, as well as have the ability to use the correct preparations as well as equipment with regard to skin type and conditions.

The student will understand the dermatology and terminology of the skin and its function. The student will know how to do a full skin analysis and to determining skin conditions. The student will also know how to recognize basic skin types. The student will also know and understand contra- indications and precautions prior treatments. We will also spend time on client care and hygiene and sterilization.

We will spend a full two days on practical and facial demonstrations, teaching different facial techniques.

We will also spend a full day product training if student wants to become part of the Nu Skin team.  Nu Skin Enterprises is a $3 Billion Dollar company based in America. They have a genetic-based patented technology that revolutionizes the anti-ageing and wellness industries. Their products were recognized for the second year in a row by NEW BEAUTY CHOICE AWARDS as the best anti-ageing product in the world.

Nu Skin Enterprises is a online business opportunity and gives you the opportunity to build a big business anywhere anytime and are not limited in an area and also don’t have to spend any money setting up a salon or training.  Nu Skin Enterprises are not ONLY selling external facial product and devises but ALSO body, slimming products and have the internal nutritional side called Pharmanex. If you are interested to get more information about the company and how it works please contact me and go to, and

Training is for free if you like to become part of the Nu Skin team but if you only interested to learn how to do in house facials, cost will be R6000.00 for 3 days.

Brow & Lash Tinting


The Student will understand the dermatology and anatomy of the skin and hair. The student will understand and know the different facial and brow shapes. The student will understand the importance of the eyebrow to the face and how to give it the best appearance. The student will know everything about ideal eye proportions and how to shame accordingly. The student will know how to tint and the deferent tinting techniques. The student will understand the contraindications and will also have a sound knowledge in client preparation, hygiene and sterilization.  
Two day course R3000.00

Indian Hed Massage


The student will know the history of Indian Head Massage. The student will know the facial anatomy and skin dermatology. The learner will fully understand the circulation of the face and neck, will understand the lymphatic circulation and nerves of the face and neck. We will also go through skin and hair disorders and the student will have a sound knowledge of the physical en metal benefits of Indian Head Massage and the contra-indications.
This will be two day training. R3000.00

Diplomas will be given after exams